1. Visitors and users of PepperTix ticket-office on the Internet (hereafter ticket office) agree to comply with the following terms of use:

  2. Ticket office is administered by PepperTix OŰ (hereafter PepperTix), address Pärnu mnt 139E, Tallinn; e-mail: info@peppertix.com

  3. PepperTix does not act as an organiser of any event. PepperTix sells tickets on request and behalf of organisers, promoters, artists, etc., and has no right to set or change the price and sales conditions of tickets, incl. determining seating locations, issuing exchanges or refunds for lost, destroyed, stolen or damaged tickets or for other objects connected with the events. The rights and obligations connected with the ticket are set and informed of by the organiser of the event and PepperTix is not liable for the content or fulfilment of or for the changes to these rights and obligations

  4. PepperTix does not act as a representative of the organiser of the event, of the artist or of any other person responsible for the content, quality, information or advertisements of the event.

  5. Refunds and Exchanges - buyers should review ticket ordering information carefully prior to ticket purchase. PepperTix will not refund or exchange tickets, unless event is (a) canceled or rescheduled, or (b) if we discover an error in the price of the tickets buyers have ordered. In these cases, we will refund any money received from buyers using the same method originally they used to pay for purchase. Buyers may reject a credit or refund within 30 days of receiving the credit or refund, but if they do not reject the credit or refund by notifying PepperTix within that timeframe buyers will be deemed to have accepted the credit or refund in full and final settlement of any and all claims, actions, demands and proceedings they may have against PepperTix arising out of the purchase for which they received the credit or refund.

    1. Canceled/Rescheduled Events - Organizers or others outside the control of PepperTix may cancel or reschedule events. It is at the organizer's discretion whether to refund the ticket price or exchange the tickets for a similarly equivalent event in case of cancellation or rescheduling occurred. PepperTix will provide instructions on its website on how to exchange event specific tickets, or obtain ticket price refunds, should an event be cancelled or rescheduled.

    2. If we discover an error in the price of the tickets buyers have ordered, we will try to inform buyers as soon as possible and allow them to reconfirm the order at the correct price (crediting or debiting their account as applicable), or cancel the order. If they choose to cancel, they will receive a full refund from us if they've already paid. If we are unable to contact with buyers, this will be treated as a cancellation.

  6. PepperTix reserves the right to limit the number of tickets purchased by one customer and to cancel the purchase of tickets which exceeds the set limit.

  7. In case the event is cancelled, postponed or its location is changed, PepperTix is not obligated to exchanges or refunds for the ticket. Exchanges and/or refunds are set and managed by the organiser of the event, if not otherwise stated.

  8. PepperTix ticket-office web-site may include references and links to worldwide information on the Internet. As PepperTix has no control over these sites and information provided there, PepperTix takes no responsibility for the exactness, relevance, content and information of these sites.

  9. Ticket-office user agrees not to interfere in any way with the proper working and technical solutions of PepperTix ticket-office website. Any monitoring of ticket-office usage and copying, reproducing, altering, using and publishing such data results on any purposes is prohibited. Any action that imposes an unreasonably large load on our ticket-office system, on our web-site or on the proper working of ticket-office is prohibited.

  10. Violation of ticket-office terms of use gives PepperTix the right to block access to and/or cancel a ticket order on any user.

  11. By acting on ticket-office web-site its user agrees:

    1. to be at least 18-year-old fully responsible person (7-18 year-old person of limited responsibility must confirm that he has full approval and facilities from a lawful representative to use ticket-office);

    2. to be a legal entity whose representative is authorised to use ticket-office on his behalf;

    3. to follow all ticket-office terms of use;

    4. to take full responsibility for the consequences if his/her username and password become known to a third party;

  12. PepperTix disclaims any liability for cancelled events, their organisation, advertising, information or for any other circumstances connected with the events as well as for possible losses and damage that may result from the cancellation of an event. PepperTix is not responsible for any damages or losses whatsoever that result from the use of ticket-office web-site and/or its content and from the use of links on this web-site.

  13. PepperTix does not check the identity of the user, except for the username and password. Without prejudice to the foregoing, any and all visitors or users of the PepperTix ticket-office grant their unconditional consents to PepperTix for the handling of their personal data in the essence of the Personal Data Protection Act as applicable in the Republic of Estonia. The personal data handled by PepperTix under these terms of use is limited to the data granted by the visitor or user of the PepperTix ticket-office online by filling in the data for purchasing tickets or registering as a user of the PepperTix ticket office. The sole purpose of the handling of personal data in the context of these terms of use is operating the online ticket-office of PepperTix located at www.peppertix.com and sending the users newsletter of PepperTix. A user is entitled to unsubscribe from the newsletter e-mailing list any time in accordance with the instructions available in the newsletters of PepperTix. All the contact details of PepperTix are referred to in Section 2 of these terms of use and are available at www.peppertix.com.

  14. PepperTix does not check the user's right to purchase tickets with discount. Purchasing a ticket with discount does not guarantee entrance to an event, entrance right on such occasions is checked on the venue.

  15. Neither PepperTix nor organisers of events check the identity of a ticket owner or ticket purchaser, neither are they responsible for any damages whatsoever that may result from this.

  16. PepperTix reserves the right to alter the terms of use without prior notice, alterations are put into effect by their publication on the web-site.

  17. All complaints about the content, quality and advertising of an event should be presented to the organisers of events.

  18. Any disagreements arising from the use of ticket-office web-site are handled by Tallinn City Court according to the present terms of use and Estonian laws.