First of all, there are no monthly charges, enrollment costs, or setup fees. For every purchased ticket, we take only 9%, including all transactions fees! No more bullshit like “it’s just 3.5% !!!”, and then you found additional 6-7% for transactions...

To be clear, it’s as simple as that:

  • The ticket price is, for example, $10. We take $0.9 , and on your bank or Paypal account you’ll see exactly $9.1 .Sounds cool? We think so.

  • If you’re offering a discount for a share, like 10%, it will be $9 for a ticket. Thus, we take only $0.81. You think it’s too much? Think, what’s better: to have 1 attendee with a full price ticket, or 2-3 with a discount?

NOTE: we DON’T charge user with anything additional ! At least, its’ fair.

# Region Commission system Contact person Email Phone
PepperTix European Union European Union 9% Andrey Khapsasov (+372)-5916-9540
PepperTix Estonia Estonia 9% Andrew K (+372)-5875-3093
PepperTix United Kingdom United Kingdom 15% Paul Cartwright (+0)-7947-630-220
PepperTix Finland Finland 9% Paul Brennan (+358)-50-469-4696
PepperTix Russia Russia 10% Vikenty Zherebov (+7)-963-242-5420
PepperTix America America 10% Paul Cartwright (+0)-7947-630-220
PepperTix World World 10% Andrey Khapsasov (+372)-5916-9540

If you have any questions about pricing, or you want a special offer - feel free to write to our CEO,

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