Social tool for boosting your ticket-sales.

How to get dozens of reposts of your event in Facebook, and sell 30% more tickets?

Convert your fans into promoters

in social networks

How to
make them
motivated for sharing
your event?

Just give them a
bonus for it!

Boost your sales by converting your fans into your promoters - offer them a discount or a free ticket for that.

75% of people are making a repost. Dozens of people. Compare it to your previous statistics.

Each repost creates 2-10 additional page-views ... where people are buying tickets!

So typical: concert gig, two days before…

1 post in organizer’s
personal account

8 tickets within 2 hours,
6 of them with reposts

20 Tickets in total,
and it’s only because
of the reposts

Why we are the best social ticketing service?

  • option for retargeting in Facebook
  • automatic social tools
  • multimedia selling page
  • no adds of your competitors
  • various payment options
  • low commission fees – only 9%*

* Including all transaction fees, no additional fees for the buyers

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