About US

What is that - PepperTix ? First of all, it’s a team of a three cofounders, passionate about what they’re doing. We help event-organizers to make successful events. We created PepperTix, because we were bored with the existing solutions for promoting events, thus we desided to add some “hot & spicy” ingredients to a ticketing service.

Usually, for each event organizer creates the event-page in social networks for promoting, engaging people and selling tickets. For each of those activities they’re using different tools, spending money and time on trying various combinations of them.

So, why PepperTix is hot & spicy?

PepperTix makes it easy to establish the online lottery for tickets (raffle), to sell tickets directly to your fans, to please people to share the content about the event, and to create really awesome-looking event-pages!

In our past, we were event organizers, making some gigs and conferences, promoting the events. It was soooo hard! But we loved that, because we knew, nothing could be cooler than to see a couple of hundreds of people in the hall (especially when we expect just a couple of dozens). We want you to feel the same emotions. “Stay Hot & Spicy”

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